For my graduation project I designed a mobile application that makes it easier for pupils to move from primary school to high school. I did my research for the Zaanlands Lyceum in Zaandam. This is the high school I attended as a child myself.
During my research I discovered that the students experience a lot of tension and stress during the transition to high school. They walk around with many questions and nobody helps them with their answers. "Who will be my math teacher?", "How long does a lesson take?", "Where should I park my bike?", "What can I buy in the canteen?"
To help the students, I designed "Jouw Grote Stap". This is the app that brings students a step closer to high school every day during the summer holidays. They get a step with information every day and have a group chat with their future classmates and mentor. At the end of every week there is a quiz in which the information provided is tested.
I carried out this project entirely individually and my client was very happy with the end result. I finished this project with an 8.5 / 10 and as a result I obtained my bachelor degree!
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